Agro briquettes are made by compressing dry crushed or cut short stalk materials (straw cereals, oilseeds, grasses and energy crops). The briquettes have stable and low humidity (water content 10%) and low ash content (1-7%). The calorific value of briquettes depends on their quality and composition. It is usually 12 to 19 MJ / kg.
Peat briquettes are produced by pressing industrially mined peat. The briquettes have stable moisture (water content 18%) Calorific value depends on the quality and moisture briquettes. It is usually 15 to 19 MJ / kg. The advantage of this product is that it burns up to 11 hours.
Agro briquettes are stacked on pallets supplied in sheets weighing up to 1000 kg.


Diameter: 45x70x180 mm

Utilize: suitable for all wood and carbon stoves