Wood pellets are a highly compressed molding with a cylindrical shape. They are made from wood residues usually sawdust, shavings and bark. Wood pellets are stable with little moisture (water content usually around 8%) and low ash content (0.4 – 1%). The heating value is dependent on the quality and composition. It is usually 12 to 18 MJ / kg. As a general rule the lighter the pellet, the better. Pure wood pellets without the bark mixture are the lightest. If the pellet is darker, the more impurities it tends to have.
Wood pellets for home are usually supplied in 15 kg bags, arranged on a wooden pallet weighing 1 ton.
Wood pellets for energy and industry are supplied either in bulk or in packages a BIG BAG weighs 1000 kg. We only supply this by the truckload, one truck is the minimum.